I´m Frida, and I have been working as a photographer since 2005 when I finished my education at Viebäcks documenrary photography school in Sweden.

When I was 14, I borrowed my father's analog nikon camera and forced him to build a darkroom in our garage.  After that I could not stop looking around me, without a image in my mind. It´s began to be a part of me. And now, it´s actually my passion.

 "Photography is a love affair with life."

Burk Uzzle

Just before my education, I met someone who later turned out to be my greatest love. Who sees and love to experiences the world and the magnific nature just like me, my husband. We share our passion for art, architecture, nature, furniture design and garden. You may understand that he is also a photographer :))

Together, we designed and built our house in a small village in the countryside where I grew up. And here we live today with our children Ines and August.

I am so grateful for the opportunity all my customers give me, to document people and their stories.

You are so welcome to contact me if you think I´m the right person to tell your story.





kind words


" Neither me or my husband are comfortable in front of a camera, but Frida made us relaxed once and made us forget she was there.

And the result was fantastic!

 She is awesome!


// Lisa & Simon